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Junk Cars

Buying cars that were constructed in the past year or more can certainly give you huge amount of savings. Especially in a very fast-paced world like the car industry, car properties easily depreciate in value. Thus, explains the big savings. Given the situation, everybody expects to experience optimal financial advantage in terms of automobile purchase. But aside from the most obvious benefit, how can you still get more?

Exhaust you online access

Let’s say you are happy about a price of a certain car model that was posted online. Hey, you’re not expected to do something right away! Just keep calm and continue searching. One good result isn’t enough for you to make immediate conclusions. Research more about the prices being offered by other companies and car dealers. Make comparisons and justify the value according to the features presented. When you find the best deal, grab it.

However, you shouldn’t be fully dependent on the price you see on online ads. Here’s what is really happening. Car dealers often project a higher price in their marketing campaigns to give space for negotiations. Learn how to negotiate. Whether you are dealing with cash for junk cars or used cars, it doesn’t matter. Be one step ahead of the marketers and pay the right amount.

Focus on the over-all price

Don’t be deceived by very cheap monthly payments disguised as discounts. The truth is that the value of the money you pay monthly does not hold much essence if the total price costs as equally high as brand new. This is the tricky park! Car dealers are trained smooth talkers. When they start giving their pitch, they never stop until you say yes to seal the deal. But if you truly intend to pay cash for junk cars or used cars that’s within your allotted budget, it is advisable that you compute and estimate certain monetary values ahead of time of the possible deals they may offer you. Do the math in advance and continue it mentally during the negotiation.

Test the vehicle

This one is basic. You can’t give cash to something you have not tested yet. As simple as it seems, you need to feel how comfortable the driver’s seat is. You need to have an initial hold of the steering wheel. You need to have a preliminary feel of the air-conditioning system. And most importantly, you need to know how the whole system reacts to actual drive test. You just have to know where the money goes.

In the case of junk cars, however – since some of them are too broken for transportation usage – the above mentioned suggestion wouldn’t be necessary.

Pick a good timing

Last but not the least, timing. It’s all about the timing. Well, you surely have noticed agents or middlemen who deal the vehicles to you instead of direct contacts from the company. Well, these people usually have quotas to reach every month. Buying a vehicle at the end of the month will most likely give you more savings compared to other dates. Most probably, you get to pay cash for junk cars or used cars at a minimum. Take advantage of that.

More ATV Parts Than Adult ATV Riders

Technically, they are just not as careful as adults and therefore, there are more small mistakes that could prove to be costly. To ensure that you don’t end up changing ATV parts for youth every other week, you can either send them for ATV riding training or you could actually teach them how to take care of their ATVs properly. Knowing how to care for and use their ATVs properly is the first step you should take to save on Youth ATV parts.

If you think youth ATV parts are less expensive that the adult version, you’re wrong. You see, one of the things with youth ATV parts is that they are specialty items which make them all the rarer. And as you know, the harder the youth ATV part is to find, the more expensive they can be.

ATV parts manufacturers offer training for youths
If you’ve just bought your children a new ATV, check if the manufacturer or the TV offer training for youths. These ATV part manufactures are actually giving the training for youths for free. ATV parts manufacturers, like AlphaSports, Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki…etc recognize the need to train youths on how to properly ride and take care of their ATV. They also know that it could be frustrating for the parents to have to constantly look for and purchase replacement ATV parts.

So, if you’ve just gotten your youth a new machine, ask to see if the ATV parts manufacturer actually offers training for youths.

How do I know which Youth ATV parts manufacturer is reliable?

The general rule of thumb is that you ought to keep to well-known brands when it comes to youth ATV parts. The more well-known and established the brand is, the higher the possibility that their products are reliable. Youth ATV parts in the market are priced somewhat the same with very little difference between the good ones and the mediocre ones. Cheap youth ATV parts are easy to find too and even though the price is good, they are not as reliable as the more established brands. For one thing, they don’t offer customer support or adequate protection against defects in the product or malfunctioning of the Youth ATV parts that they sell.

It’s better to stay away from used Youth ATV parts

The rate of wear-and-tear on ATV parts used by youths is extremely high, therefore, it’s not advisable for parents to get used ATV parts for their kids’ ATVs. The most important, we have to remember, is the safety of our children. Using used youth ATV parts is dangerous because we do not know the degree of damage to the youth ATV part. The seller, unfortunately, may have stretched the truth a little further, just to sell you the used ATV part. So, to be on the safe side, always get brand new youth ATV parts for your kids. Don’t compromise on their safety….

A Classic Car As a Project

There are cars still available that you can buy and restore and make it customized to your preferences. Maybe you like the Mustang, the GTO’s or even the Chevy’s. All of these cars were great cars and are highly in demand, yet you can still find these vehicles around, some will be fixed up totally and some will be pure basket cases that will need a lot of work. There is something out there for everyone.

So when you are looking for a classic car project you will want to figure out what work you can do yourself and what you will need to let someone else do and willing to pay to have it done. Maybe you can do a lot of the work yourself and will save yourself a lot of money. Are you able to do the engine repairs yourself? Usually when you get a project car you will have to redo almost everything, from bumper to bumper.

One thing that you don’t want to have to deal with if you can help it is one with a lot of rust. Rust means that you will have to do bodywork and maybe even replace the fenders, or panels. Both are a pain to deal with. So you want to find a car without a lot of rust. You will want to check out the floor pans and see if there is any rust on the floor pans, if there is you will probably have to replace them.

Does the car still run? If it does you will know better what you will be getting yourself into if it doesn’t start, you may have to replace the engine or have it totally rebuilt.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty and crawl under the car and see how it looks under it. You want to do some research on the model that you are going and considering to buy, see where the cars have been known to rust out in certain areas, the more you know before you go and look at that model they better you will be when it comes to negotiating.

The old classic project cars are out there, you just have to search for them and be patient to find the perfect car for you.

Project Muscle Cars are a great way to find a classic that you can restore yourself. We have listings for Classic Cars hat vary in all price ranges. Check out us today to find your next project to drive.

Tire Size Versus Sprocket Size

Good question, I have often thought about that myself. I have often said that the rule of thumb for a go kart to have optimum performance is to have the rear sprocket be nearly 85% of the rear wheel diameter. The question is, does that apply just for 12 inch diameter wheels or does it apply to 16 inch rear wheels too?

The answer to that question may surprise you. It surprised me. When I ran through the calculations a funny pattern emerged:

– A 12 inch diameter tire with a 12 inch diameter rear sprocket yielded a speed of 22 miles per hour at 7.3 feet per second squared of acceleration.

– A 16 inch diameter tire with a 16 inch diameter rear sprocket yielded a speed of 22 miles per hour at 7.3 feet per second squared of acceleration.

I thought that was erroneous so I ran a whole slew of tires sizes with corresponding sprocket sizes and still came up with the same numbers.

So the answer is no. No, your performance will not suffer if you increase your sprocket size correspondingly with the wheel size.

What will happen if you do not increase your sprocket size is that the clutch will become over loaded and smoke. The go kart will require pushing to start and will have horrible low end performance.

But if you increase the diameter of the sprocket so that it is 85% of the rear tires diameter, the performance should stay nearly constant.

That is an unexpected result, but one you can depend on if you are designing a go kart from scratch. The rule of thumb stands: “The rear sprocket should be nearly 85% of the rear tire size for optimum acceleration and speed performance.”

The belt drive system for example is quite dependent on this relationship. The reason is that the drive pulley for a belt drive can be quite large, 1.75 inches in diameter, and requires that the rear pulley be as large as possible.

In the case of the wood go kart that I designed, in order to keep the ratio a simple one to one system (versus adding a jack-shaft) the rear pulley had to be the same size as the rear tire. I was able to get through this problem by making a wood pulley which was durable enough to handle road conditions, cheap enough to make myself and best of all gave the performance that was needed for good acceleration and overall speed performance.

Robert Gamble is a go kart enthusiast and has designed and built many go karts over his 25+ years of experiences as well as combining his Mechanical Engineering experience into the mix. He has consolidated his knowledge in over eleven e-books and numerous videos. If you would like to figure out how to optimize your go kart drive train to get the best performance out of your go kart, the Go Kart Drive Line Course has what you need to get the right set up.