The Best Parking Spot for Your Car

Make sure you are comfortable with your ability to park in the spot. The worst thing you can do is try to squeeze your car into a little space when a steady flow of traffic is trying to get by. If you cannot parallel park very well, then it is a good idea not to try it during rush hour traffic. Only attempt to take a spot if you know you can confidently do it quickly and safely.

Check to make sure you are not putting your car in an unauthorized zone. Sometimes signs are a little obscure, but you need to make sure you are allowed to place your car in the space. Some spaces are only available between certain times of the day, or they may be reserved for someone else. You do not want to return to where you left your car only to find out that it has been towed away.

Be aware of any parking fees that you may have to pay for using the space. Sometimes you can find a very decent space for your vehicle for a fee. Always carry a little bit of money with you in case you need it for this very reason. Sometimes you will find yourself in an area where there is absolutely nowhere to park except for these types of spaces.

Choose a place that is well-lit. For your own safety and the safety of your possessions, you should never put your car in a dark place if you can avoid it. Light deters crime. When walking to or leaving your car even when it is parked under a light, you still need to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

In crime-ridden areas, choose to place your car in protected lots for a fee.These places may have a guard on duty or have the lot enclosed within a fence to keep unwanted people from entering the lot. It may seem a little more expensive, but your possessions will be safe and you will not have to worry.

Make sure you will not run over a protected space. Always look before attempting to pull your car into a space for objects that may be blocking the way. You could damage your car if you run over anything, including a device that is meant to keep people from using their personal lot. These devices are highly visible, but you still need to be careful and pay attention to where you are navigating your vehicle.